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Seasonal Grounds Maintenance: Preparing Your Property for Every Season

seasonal grounds maintenance

Keeping your commercial property looking its best throughout the year requires adjusting your maintenance routine as the weather and typical life cycles of your plants change. Here are some of the most important seasonal landscaping tips to keep in mind when maintaining your lawn throughout the year, many of which The Nascence Group can handle for you!

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Spring grounds maintenance focuses largely on helping your property recover from any damage that may have occurred during the winter months and working to promote new growth. Once the last of the snow has melted or otherwise been removed from your property, a deep cleaning of your property can be an important step in refreshing its appearance and functionality. Some of the most important steps to incorporate as part of this outdoor spring cleaning can include: 

  • Removing fallen branches, leftover leaves, and other debris 
  • Testing your irrigation system, performing any necessary repairs, and programming your system if you want it to automatically come on at certain times throughout the warmer months 
  • Adding fertilizer and fresh mulch
  • Removing weeds and replacing any plants that were significantly damaged during the winter 
  • Cleaning artificial turf 
  • Continuing to remove late-season snow and ice as needed 


Being diligent about grounds maintenance in the summer plays an important role in keeping your lawn and plants healthy and beautiful. You should generally plan to devote more time to regular maintenance during these months to best nourish your greenery, and many of these tasks should be completed as frequently as once per week. Your summer grounds maintenance routine should include: 

  • Mowing your lawn regularly
  • Watering your lawn and plants as needed, especially during weeks with no rain
  • Weeding your flower beds and adding mulch as needed
  • Trimming or pruning hedges and shrubs 
  • Treating damage from insects and other pests 


You generally will not need to spend as much time supporting the growth of your landscape as the weather grows cooler and many of your plants reach dormancy. Still, shifting gears to keeping your lawn clean and preparing it for the challenges of the winter months is an important step in making sure you do not lose all your hard work by spring. Some of the most important things to keep in mind when maintaining your property in the fall include: 

  • Raking leaves and removing other brush regularly 
  • Continuing to mow and weed through the beginning of the fall 
  • Pruning shrubs and trees 
  • Winterizing your irrigation system to make them less susceptible to damage once temperatures fall below freezing 
  • Caring for your perennials to best protect them during the colder months 
  • Fertilizing your lawn 


Preventing as much potential damage to your property as possible is a key purpose of late fall and early winter maintenance. Your lawn, plants, and other aspects of your property are prone to damage from cold temperatures, snow and ice, snowplows, and other sources during the winter, but being diligent about winterizing the grounds of your business can help to reduce the repairs you need to make in the spring. Some of the most important steps to take when maintaining your property in the winter include: 

  • Continuing to clean up leaves and other fall debris for as long as you are reasonably able to reduce the amount of cleaning you need to do in the spring 
  • Pruning shrubs and trees before too much snow arrives 
  • Watering shrubs, trees, and other plants as needed to make up for receiving less rain during the winter
  • Wrapping young or other fragile plants in burlap 
  • Applying herbicide and fertilizer as needed
  • Cleaning up snow and ice as needed, especially on sidewalks and other paved areas 

At The Nascence Group, our grounds maintenance and landscaping services can help you stay on top of maintaining the grounds of your business at any time of year. Working with us throughout the year is a simple way to be proactive about keeping your property looking its best in any weather. Contact us today to learn more about the grounds maintenance services we offer or to schedule a consultation!

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